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Pre-release in Baudette

Carla signing at the Baudette Public Library

Carla signing at the Baudette Public Library

As you may have read on Carla’s blog, the pre-release of Hand Me Down My Walking Cane in her hometown was a resounding success. Participation was lively at all three events. We at just want to take a moment to thank everyone who attended. We’ve highlighted some individuals below, but if we missed anyone, we apologize. Every single person we met in Baudette was gracious, warm and really seemed to appreciate Carla’s efforts in both her writing and reading.

Reading one was Saturday morning at the beautiful Smiling Moon Café, home to high-printed tin ceilings and the best coffee in town (Carla says it is her favorite coffee shop in the word). Local people and some tourists filled the tables. Carla stood by the long granite bar (left over from the old days of the Rex Hotel, where the “Moon” is located). Linda, the gracious owner, halted all smoothies and kept the espressos to a minimum so as to reduce ambient noise.

Next stop, on Saturday afternoon, the Baudette Public Library, where Roxanne “Tweety” Larson, who Carla has known since childhood, presides over a serene space stocked with books, computers and easy chairs. Another audience assembled, including Leila Kothrade, whose family famously resisted the relocation for seven years and came out only when the children were facing a year without school.

On Sunday, August 7, Marlys Hirst, with the help of Judy Gubbels, Rubelle Towne, Vicki Morrison Goble, Debi (Hartje) Fabry and Cynthia (Hartje) Brient, hosted a reading at the Lake of the Woods Historical Society Museum. They had created an exhibition of photos and news clips from the Resettlement and provided treats worthy of the 1930s: fresh lemonade and old-fashioned molasses cookies. It was a hot day, but people crammed into the museum; and Marlys kept the fans running. After the reading, Vicki Morrison Goble and a trio of backup singers treated the audience with a beautiful rendition of “Hand Me Down My Walking Cane,” the song that inspired the name for the novel.

On Wednesday, August 10, Carla did a special reading at the Lake of the Woods Care Center. Her audience was parents of old friends, plus her indomitable Aunt Selma, 97 years old and still a pistol. Carla said she had been afraid of boring them, but they requested more and more until she stopped after more than half an hour.

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